April 22, 2021 at 4:12pm | Mike Russell
So you just offered on your 5th house, your offer was $50,000 over list price, you agreed to take the home in as-is condintion and even agreed to make up any shortfall if the home doesn't appraise for what you offered. What was the response? Did you get a response?

So many buyers are making offers and finding themselves nowhere near the front of the pack, what you may need to consider is looking for a better time to be a buyer? It is currently April 2021 and there are probably 100 words I can use to describe it and many of them are not fit for public display. But if you are currently trying to buy a home you know those words well.

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So what is the answer to getting yourself to the front of the line? Is it offering even more money? Is it your beautifully written love letter? or maybe just plain luck? The answer may be in the timing, the Kansas City Metro market tends to have several market lulls each year and the next one will start towards the end of June.
As we get into Summer and the days get hot we start to see a slow down, kid's sports are in full swing , the pool is open as we enjoy summer life. Then as the summer winds on, we start to hit vacations and before you know it, it is back to school time.

While we don't expect the market to cool anytime soon, we can expect that there will be a time when homes may only have 2-3 offers as opposed to 5-10 or more that we are currently seeing. This lull may just be the opportunity to finally get that home you are so desperately wanting.


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